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Boost your contact center productivity and achieve more with a unified Avaya agent desktop for Contact Centers.

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Avaya Agent Desktop Solution

Avaya Agent Desktop helps businesses provide effortless customer service on the channels that customers prefer. The Avaya Agent Desktop allows the agent to view the entire customer conversation across all channels—including phone, chat, text, bots, email, and social media in a single browser window. Agents can also switch between channels (e.g., chat to text) during the conversation to best communicate on the customer’s channel of choice.

Single Screen View

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) and improve your First Call Resolution (FCR) rate by integrating the Avaya contact center solution with all your third-party applications to offer one unified view.

    • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications
    • Get the excellent omnichannel customer experience

Know Your Caller

Get the caller details before you answer the call to deliver experiential customer service. Now, with the integrated Avaya Agent Desktop, customers don’t need to re-validate themselves to agents for pulling their records.

    • No more copy & paste to gather customer details
    • Easily validate caller details while having all information readily available

View Screen as per IVR Inputs

Deliver faster call resolution and improve FCR with Avaya Agent desktop. Dynamically populate relevant information for every call as per the IVR inputs.

    • Dynamically change screen for each call based on IVR variables
    • Empower your agents with relevant information instantly

Biggest library of Integration

Avaya Agent Desktop can now be integrated with any of your 3rd party applications, including CRM, ticketing, banking application, and more from your internal database.

    • Integrate any application with open API
    • Library of 50+ applications that can be readily integrated with Avaya Contact Centers

Agent Desktop Solution Features

  • Contact Center Integration

  • Agent Assist

  • Omnichannel Unified Agent Desktop

  • CRM Integration

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