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Why WhatsApp Chatbot?

Experience the power of conversational AI customer support on WhatsApp

Multiple agents

Multiple agents

Run customer support on WhatsApp with Shared Inbox between multiple agents



Set up a WhatsApp Chatbot without coding using our No Code Chatbot Builder

API support

API Support

Send Automated Transactional Messages on WhatsApp using APIs

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Send Automated Transactional Messages on WhatsApp using APIs

Manage Contacts

Manage contacts

Manage all your WhatsApp Contacts, filter them and more

After hours Service

After hours service

Take care of your customer’s while you are off from work

24*7 Availability

A WhatsApp bot has a very intuitive interface where you can integrate rich media, provide instant responses for your customers in any language preferred by your customer by setting up auto-reply and 24*7 services- all the things that take your customer service to the next level and help you retain customers.

Smart Agent Routing

Deliver powerful customer experiences with seamless live chat integration whilst driving customer satisfaction. Eliminate customer frustration by giving them on-demand, self-serve, automated support with friction-free access to live agents whenever needed.

Notify Important Updates

Send automated transactional messages to customers and raise your customer service game. Proactively share updates, reminders, and other notifications to segmented uses for specific targeting. Use WhatsApp chatbot to collect feedback, send event invites and upsell your services

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increases by making it easy for them. Be where your customers are and support messages with media elements such as images, videos, maps, etc. to improve customer experience. Engage with them at times convenient to them with round the clock support.

Seamless Integrations

Powerful out-of-the-box chatbot integrations to deliver exceptional experiences to your agents and customers leveraging existing software. connect with popular CRM’s like Salesforce, Zoho, Freshdesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zendesk CRM, and more.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp is the third most downloaded app in the world, which means that there’s an overwhelming probability that your current or prospective customers are on the app. You can enhance CX with powerful features on the WhatsApp platform such as:

WhatsApp Chatbot for Various Industries

WhatsApp chatbot delivers business results like no other channel. You can boost revenue through selling on WhatsApp and save customer support costs. All this while increasing your customer experience and building top-of-the-mind brand recall.


Contactless shopping has become the new normal. It has never been easier to take your business online. WhatsApp provides you with all the tools you need to grow your business!


WhatsApp chatbot is the best channel for your brand to distribute any banking product from your portfolio. WhatsApp offers unparalleled scale and a buffet of features for every banks.

Whatsapp Chatbot for e-commerce


WhatsApp has become one of the most important and profitable channels for E-commerce companies. A WhatsApp chatbot allows you to provide an end-to-end shopping journey for your customers.


Get users to fill forms and complete KYC through conversational chats.

Whatsapp Chatbot for Travel And Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

WhatsApp chatbot helps you provide a personalized booking experience to your customers and assists them virtually in planning their journey.

Whatsapp Chatbot for Logistics


Notify orders updated in real-time and troubleshoot customer problems on the go.