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Reduce no-show with automated appointment reminders and communication tools.

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Send Reminders to Increase Customer Engagement

Topaz’s appointment reminder system allows you to manage appointments, helping you to reduce inbound call volume by allowing your customers to select an alternative time that works for both their schedule, and for your contact center’s schedule.

Schedule Appointments over multiple channels

Phone Call Reminder

Phone Call reminders are an effective way of communicating something urgent with customers. You can easily schedule calls at specific time intervals.

Text Reminder

Text reminders are a non-intrusive way of reminding customers about their upcoming appointments.

Set it and forget it – Features

Automatic appointment reminders

Set up your automated reminder SMS to go out automatically from your scheduler and remind customers of their appointments.

Email, Voice, & SMS

Send appointment reminders via email, SMS, and voice message with the help of our software

API integration

Track the status of all the appointments in real-time using our documented APIs.

Receive Replies

Customers can reply to your appointment reminder messages and you will be notified by email, SMS or both.

Appointment Reminders benefits

Reduce costs

Supply better customer service and provide the option to cancel or reschedule with two-way SMS and Voice.

Improve customer experience

Appointment reminder helps in greater customer experiences by bridging the communication gap between both parties.

Improve productivity

It makes teams more effective and efficient by removing the need for manually scheduling.

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