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Ticketing System Solution overview

Call Center Ticketing system offers a seamless and proactive way of tracking and monitoring communications with individual clients. It stacks all conversations in one place thus allowing advisors to act on the most urgent tickets.

Topaz provides out-of-the-box ticketing solutions that act as a repository for all customer’s requests. Agents from their helpdesks can tap on this query handler to respond to queries based on their urgency, time, and value.

Ticketing software converges all communication channels into a single place. Whether requests are from emails, social media handles or the website’s chat system, ticketing solution organizes them for easy access. The Topaz ticketing solution permits CTI integration thus it effortlessly works with IVR, ACD, auto diallers and CRM systems.

Benefits of Ticketing System Solution

All open issues in one place

No more sorting through spreadsheets and email inboxes to figure out what issues are outstanding and where they are in the resolution process.

Improve productivity

Ticket categorization & prioritization, routing, notifications & ticket status, helps agents to resolve the issue quickly and increase productivity.

Better customer experience

With a well-organized and process-based customer support delivery and tracking, using an online ticketing system, you improve your customer delight which in-turn improves Customer loyalty and business.

Features of Ticketing System Solution

Omnichannel Support

Single View of Customer

SLA Management

Intelligent Routing

CRM Integrations

Reports & Dashboards

Quality Monitoring

Self Service

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