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Call Accounting Platform

Call accounting by Topaz is a Web-Based Call Accounting and Costing Solution which enables costing, budgeting, and tracking of all communication expenses. As a management tool, Call Accounting can generate insights on telecom usage by allocating costs to departments, cost & profits centers, and even customers. Graphical representations of a dashboard can be used to analyze productivity, call traffics, and costs.

One of the most effective ways to optimize the costs of unified communications is transparent internal control of use and allocation of costs to cost centers and business units. Calculate the cost of traffic and consider how employees and departments use it. Discover new prospects for company optimization.

Call Accounting by Topaz helps in gathering information from various sources and devices in a single place. Call accounting will enable you to identify the sectors carrying the most traffic off the communication network, ensure the dependability of paid bills, generate reports on calls of any number for the specified time period, and detect attempts of unauthorized connections and misuse.

Call Accounting - Costing and Budgeting

Allocate communication costs by cost centers

Define cost centers ahead of time and assign usage-based costs to appropriate departments, units, and people

Call Accounting - billing

Simplify the billing dispute process with the provider

Automated invoice audit offers you with all the information you need for dispute and negotiating analytics

Call Accounting - Security and Misuse

Boost company security while lowering the risk

Historical data on each call ensures that you will not miss fraud and misuse detection

Monitor and Reduce Your Telecom Bill

Budget Allocation and Cost Control

Budget Control Module allows you to distribute monthly budgets to branches, departments, individuals, and cost centers internally. When the monthly consumption reaches the budget levels, the system notifies management. This is a highly efficient technique to keep your overall communication costs under control


Cost of Landline and Mobile phone cost is automatically distributed to cost centers, individuals, and departments. Department and branch managers use the call accounting system and generate division cost and usage reports. Finance managers get real-time access to cost and trend data, which allows them to optimize their telecom services

Automated Reports and Alerts

All the employees or users in the organization can get monthly reports. Finance managers are provided with summary of usage, as well as the detailed cost and call records as needed. Departments and Branch managers receive division-specific reports, while other employees gets comprehensive bills that allow them to access the system and highlight personal calls without requiring e-mail conversation between the finance department.

Detect Abuse and Misuse

When businesses are cautious about inappropriate use of corporate telecom resources and potential fraud, Call Accounting by Topaz provides personnel-level tracking of usage criteria for authorized users as well as configurable triggers to warn designated users of excessive or unexpected behavior.

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Benefits of Call Accounting Platform

Topaz CxEngage provides Digital Billing and Analytics solutions to deliver billing information and comprehensive insights across all the platforms and modalities to improve infrastructure, performance, and costs.

Key features of Call Accounting

ISP bills

Upload your ISP bills and have it verified with cost centers and accounts

Department billing

Issue bills to departments or group companies for shared services

Employee productivity

Measure and analyze your employees’ talk time for all their calls

Cost allocation

Allocate carrier charges to the responsible cost centers

Cost control

Reduce your telecom expenses by accurately monitoring staff and departmental calls and other call charges in real-time

Client billing

Back-bill clients or projects for the calls made on their behalf

Fraud and hacker control

Detect telephone abuse, unauthorized calls, or other instances of fraud.

Compliance and Risk management

Immediately identify the source of any call by archiving permanent records of all call activity for security.