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Click-to Dial Overview

Click-to-call enables you to click on any phone number in your helpdesk, CRM, e-commerce platform, or website, and Topaz powered by Avaya will take care of the rest. With this call center software feature, you can have all the functionality of Topaz – IVR, waiting for queues, advanced routing, voicemails, etc. – directly from the interface of your favorite software. This will increase your team’s efficiency as they can simply click on a phone number to place outbound calls.

Benefits of Click-to-Dial Solution

Eliminate dialing errors

The click-to-Dial feature supplants the need for manual dialing, eliminating the possibility of dialing errors that decrease agent efficiency.

Customer segmentation

Click to dial enables your agents to segment customers based on their necessity/inquiry to proceed for an interaction.

Lead Generation

Click-to-call allows sales teams to call more leads each day. This uptick in efficiency will result in more closed deals and revenue.

Features of Click-to-Dial Solution

No number dialing

Easy track of the conversation

Call Recording

Detailed reporting

CRM Integration

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