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Get your call center campaign operation up & running without the hassle of extended discussions and long term capex purchases!

What is Cloud Contact Center

Powered by Avaya, Topaz Contact Center is an omnichannel solution hosted over the internet which takes minimum time to deploy and involves minimal investment. Businesses use cloud contact center solutions to reduce hardware setup overheads, minimize installation time, and ensure uninterrupted customer interactions through a variety of voice and digital channels (Inbound Voice ACD, Outbound Dialler, Advanced IVR, Email, Chat, Social Media, Speech Analytics)

Migrate Engagement Solutions at Your Own Pace

Today’s IT leaders are increasingly looking to cloud solutions to help them increase agility, improve collaboration and cut costs. Using a vendor-agnostic, consultative approach, TOPAZ offers a wide array of cloud consumption models, solutions, and vendors, as well as the expertise to help you choose a cloud strategy that enables your organization to achieve positive business outcomes.

TOPAZ Cloud Offering is bundled to provide Unified Communications (PBX in Cloud), CC (Call Center with Email, Chat, Social Media) Solutions along with Redbox Call Center CRM & Call Billing Systems.

Topaz Solution for Cloud Contact Center

Private Cloud

Move your contact center operations to Private Cloud, make your dedicated instances, and witness great flexibility and scalability. Topaz call center software is inherently reliable, scalable, and secure. The cloud architecture is so designed to help you stay agile and manage your contact center with a single click.

Public Cloud

The public cloud offering is based on advanced cloud call center solutions. It allows unlimited scalability and lets you scale up or down your cloud capacity with immense ease. Deliver uninterrupted customer service with high-end security with no involvement of IT teams.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Call Center Solution allows you to take complete advantage of Topaz’s innovative and robust multi-tenant public cloud call center solution while adhering to enterprise-grade security and IT requirements through the private cloud contact center.

Key Highlights of Topaz Contact Center Solution


Easy access to all the customer details for better conversion


Integrate customer data and CRM insights to intelligently route calls based on caller input

Auto Dialer

Enjoy full CTI integration to automate dialing, launch targeted campaigns, and more.


Connect calls to the best available agent through skills-based routing, etc.

Reporting and Dashboards

Get better visibility and hold on every metric that matters

Call Recording

Record all calls for training, issue resolution, and more.


Integrate with your CRM to deliver a secure contact center data storage solution.

Call Monitoring

Ensure high call quality by monitoring real-time calls

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