Call Recording Assurance

Ensuring Every Interactions is Captured


Call Recording Assured Availability & Quality

We offer a variety of choices to ensure the endurance of your recording platform and the quality of every voice and video channel being recorded in places where every interaction is essential.

We deploy our solution as a high-availability platform and a collection of tools that monitor and manage the channels being recorded to assure both availability and audio quality.

Call Match and Recording Check services are part of your comprehensive, proactive compliance oversight

Call Recording Assurance

OneContact CRA by Topaz is built for large communication infrastructures with thousands of lines, handsets, interaction recorders, and more. A failure at any point within this communication network can cause severe issues for your business, yet individually testing each element is virtually impossible.

Topaz provides the technology base to assist your business to deal with such challenges. OneContact Call Recording Assurance solution helps financial services, insurance providers, and other organizations to monitor and validate each interaction is correctly recorded.

Automated Channels Monitoring

Call Recording Assurance will capture communication records from PBX platform, compare them with actual recordings, and automatically report potential glitches to authorized users. The solution can facilitate proper system configuration by checking the recorded media and linked data to help prevent unwanted loss of recorded interactions. It can alert the concerned team incase of any lost conversations to be investigated and acted upon urgently.

Stay Consistent & Miss No Recording

Using this solution, your business can significantly reduce the operational effort and cost of monitoring recording procedures and detecting misconfigurations by:

  • Matching original call details which are reported by PABX with a recording database that records automatically and flags records when a conversation cannot be discovered in the system.
  • Comparing the length of the conversation with the length of the recorded media file to indicate disparities.
  • Highlighting non-recorded conversations and those with the media-processing fault.

Don’t Compromise on Compliance

Key Features of Call Recording Assurance

By leveraging OneContact CRA you gain the peace of mind of knowing that what needs to be recorded is recorded.

  • Automatically monitor every recorded call in near real-time across multiple unified communication and telephony environment.
  • Highlight non-recorded calls and extensions¬†that are not documented due to network or server issues and extensions that are not intended to be recorded.
  • Call tags identify and arrange recordings of calls in a manner that makes sense to you and your staff.
  • Automate security checks and monitoring of the recording infrastructure to eliminate system breakdowns.
  • Altered, missing or incomplete conversation records tracing.
  • Ensuring that every call is recorded and retrieved correctly.
  • Provide daily controls and oversight for compliance purposes.
  • Verifying recorded extensions, addresses, and numbers configured within the system.
  • Comparing the length of the conversation thereto of the recorded media file to point out differences.
  • Providing actionable intelligence with system alerts and customizable dashboards, just in case of lost or incorrect conversations.
  • Reduce the danger of degraded service after a change to the communications and recording infrastructure.

Operational Assurance Leveraging Intelligent Technology

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