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Improve agent-caller interaction using screen pop-up

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Screen pop Overview

CTI technology allows contact center agents to access customer details and manage customer data during calls. As soon as an agent connects with a customer, a screen-pop appears on the agent’s desktop with the customer’s information from the CRM for the agent to reference and edit. The result is higher efficiency and more effective customer support interactions.

CTI is an integral part of the cloud contact center solution from Topaz. CTI solution provides agents with customer data, past tickets, and conversation history all delivered instantly to the Topaz agent desktop or Topaz integrated CRM interface.

Deliver a Seamless Experience

Deliver Excellent Experience

Custom screen pops can deliver the right customer information so that previous interactions can be references and customer preferences are immediately available.

Improve Customer Service

Integrate with your call center preferred CRM and arms agents with customer information that eases interactions and builds relationships.

Contextual Information

Review information that can provide meaningful interactions between customers and agents, increase sales and achieve customer service goals.

Interaction History

Preview the entire customer interaction history with screen pop software.  Understand a customer’s habits, preferences and provide historical data to enhance the call experience.

Screen Pop Advantages

  • Inform agents about the customer before the conversation even begins.

  • Make multi-channel transitions seamless with customer information onscreen.

  • Drive higher customer retention with screen pop helping agents provide personalized service.

  • Save time and reduce time spent on-call resolution.

  • Help agents build rapport with customers with the integration of business applications or CRM.

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