Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for Call Centers

Give your customers the power to drive conversations.

IVR Solutions (Interactive Voice Response) allows you to manage your voice menus and call flows from a spontaneous online interface. Managed in the cloud, Topaz hosted IVR solution lets you create multi level IVR menus and route calls to groups, queues, users, voicemail, or external phone numbers. Manage your cloud IVR, call recordings, call logs and much more from one online interface.

Features of IVR

Personalised calls

Access CRM data to allow customer details to be used for identity authentication and added call context.

Call Recording

Record all your IVR calls on a secured cloud to monitor quality and provide better training to staff.

IVR menu

Greet your customers with customized messages and connect them with the right agents using IVR options.

Data capture

Capture and store customer information during the course of a call. View captured data in reports, and update your systems.

Integrated or standalone

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) into your existing telephony system, or deploy a standalone system.

Round the clock

Make sure a customer’s call is never missed. Receive calls 24/7.

Integrate our IVR system with both inbound and outbound calls

Inbound calls

Inbound IVR is used to handle large volumes of incoming calls. The main intention is to do effective call distribution and provide solutions to the caller by IVR system, by itself. This can be achieved using many techniques like single or Multiple level IVR systems or through System Integration. Generally used for handling Sales or Customer Support.

Outbound calls

Outbound IVR is used to do automated outbound calling in large volumes. Here the list of callers is uploaded to the IVR system and audio file to be played, then IVR prompts are programmed. Generally used for Updating customers or reminding them.

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