Agent Real-Time

Track, manage and control employee time more efficiently with an advanced automated solution that helps you optimize your workforce.

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Easily track and manage employee time

Using manual systems to manage employee time and attendance can make it difficult to manage workforce expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and activities. Optimize your most valuable strategic advantage for your workforce with an Agent Real-time solution that consistently tracks, manages, and controls employee time.

Key Features of Agent Real-Time

Reduce labor costs

  • Easily view timecards and see exceptions such as missing, early login, and late logout punches.
  • Increase labor-costing accuracy and reduce off-cycle payslips.

Improve workforce productivity

  • Automate and streamline time-consuming administrative¬†tasks.
  • Improve decision-making with real-time workforce data visibility, including data views and reports.

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Benefits of Agent Real-Time

Easy to use

Offer employees intuitive features and a consumer-grade user experience

Proactive compliance

Avoid costly overtime, missed punches, and more with real-time alerts that let you act before problems occur

Audit ready

Track time and manage policies from a single automated platform to stay prepared for audit