Enhances Customer Experience and Operational Excellence through AI & BOT

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Make your Business Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Power a brighter customer experience with AI and bots integrated with all of your other channels, and create a truly AI-powered omnichannel contact center. Gain the benefits of automation, enhanced agent empowerment, and improved interaction quality through the power of advanced cognitive technologies, such as AI, bots, and Natural Language Understanding, coupled with the power of the human touch.

What Can Topaz AI Do?

Conversational IVR and Self-Service

Allows customers to use natural speech to interact with self-service options. resolves common inquiries while seamlessly routing other interactions to skilled agents.

Automated Routing

Route callers to a real person quickly through speech recognition in the virtual assistant. Streamline customer queues and reduce common customer queries.

Speech Recognition

Process and recognize customer’s words in over a dozen different languages and get them to the right agent in less time.

Ready to See How AI Can Improve the Customer Experience and Empower Your Agents?


Benefits of AI

Efficient Workflows

Assign repetitive tasks to AI for fast, error-free performance. Let your agents spend their time and energy on quality interactions instead of monotonous work that leads to mistakes and frustration.

Effortless Self Service

Shift customer support from traditional website chatbots to the call center without increasing agent workload.

Effective Analysis

No call center team has the hours available to listen back to hundreds of call recordings. Our AI can review every single call for insights that were previously inaccessible.