Performance Management

Align employee performance, call center goals, and customer expectations with a solution that makes continuous improvement fun.

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Turn ‘exceptional’ into the expectation

Help your employees improve and meet your organizational goals with a social environment that delivers more transparency and continuous feedback – by bringing multiple sources together with customizable KPIs and insightful dashboards. Topaz Performance Management, you get real-time, personalized insights and scorecards together with gamification and a inspiring virtual storefront for prizes

Performance Management Capabilities

Coaching for Optimal Performance

  • Automatic or manually initiated coaching workflows guide the coaching process.
  • Coaching analytics help determine the best coaching to use.
  • Coaching rule templates allow you to fully automate the coaching process, including the ability to define required timeframes and provide links to coaching materials.

Engage Your Agents with Gamification

  • Create targeted challenges with rules, goals and rewards set by the supervisor.
  • Display awards using the Badging Widget to showcase agents’ good performance.
  • Highlight leader board standings in graphical form using metric, KPI and Scorecard Widgets.

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