Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improve your customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Better results with less effort.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pairs with the power of Topaz Cloud Contact Center to boost efficiency, streamline operations and provide customers with highly personalized engagements. Leverage call controls directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 and automatically synchronize data between the two systems.

Personalize every interaction

Topaz CRM integration for Microsoft Dynamics empowers agents with a 360° view of data from across the entire customer journey.

  • Deliver more personalized interactions that take less effort, make customers feel valued, and set you apart from the competition.
  • Shorten AHT by delivering all relevant customer information to the agent before the interaction begins.
  • Maximize your CRM ROI by leveraging your Microsoft Dynamics data to improve customer interactions in the contact center.

Increase agent efficiency

An integrated desktop gives your agents quick and easy access to the tools and information they need to handle more interactions in less time.

  • Reduce agent effort with a unified CRM and contact center desktop that eliminates the time spent navigating between separate applications.
  • Streamline call handling with an integrated softphone and click-to-dial capabilities.
  • Reduce after-call work by automatically updating your CRM with contact center interaction data.

Connect customers to the right resource

Use your CRM data to identify customers and route them to
best-suited resource.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring each contact is handled by the best-qualified resource.
  • Improve AHT and FCR by reducing the number of transfers, consultations, and follow-up calls.
  • Increase agent satisfaction by ensuring agents receive contacts
    they can handle successfully.

Make better decisions

Combine your contact center data with your CRM for a holistic customer view that empowers you to make truly informed business decisions.

  • Create holistic customer journey information by automatically synchronizing data between your contact center and CRM system.
  • Empower agent self-management through performance and productivity reports.
  • Enhance customer experiences by empowering agents with the most comprehensive and current customer insights.

Key Features

  • Intuitive CC seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics desktop

  • Support for inbound and outbound voice, voicemail and click-to-dial from Microsoft Dynamics

  • Call data used to identify the customer and route them to the best agent or queue for faster service

  • Automated mapping of inbound interaction data to CRM fields

  • Automatic data synchronization between the contact center and CRM for the holistic customer journey

  • Agent desktop access to individual and team performance and productivity statistics

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