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Ticketing System Solution Overview

Call Center Ticketing system offers a seamless and proactive way of tracking and monitoring communications with individual clients. It stacks all conversations in one place thus allowing advisors to act on the most urgent tickets.

Topaz provides out-of-the-box ticketing solutions that act as a repository for all customer’s requests. Agents from their helpdesks can tap on this query handler to respond to queries based on their urgency, time, and value.

Ticketing software converges all communication channels into a single place. Whether requests are from emails, social media handles or the website’s chat system, ticketing solution organizes them for easy access. The Topaz ticketing solution permits CTI integration thus it effortlessly works with IVR, ACD, auto diallers and CRM systems.

Conversational customer service is the way of the future.

Ticketing system for call center - ticketing queue

Tickets Queue

Create your own ticket queues by including one or more criteria that filter tickets based on priority and responsibility.

Ticketing system for call center - Categorization ticket


All incoming tickets are automatically categorized into customer support, sales, marketing, and billing categories.

Ticketing system for call center - Omnichannel

Omnichannel Ticketing

Manage customer interactions from multiple channels like email, socialmedia, chat & phone calls in an omnichannel help desk.

Pinned Tickets

Pinned tickets help agents to set priorities and organize their time better.

Take The Complexity Out Of Customer Service

Ticketing System for Call Center _ topaz

Automated prioritization of tickets

A ticket management system enables you to choose and prioritize support tickets requiring rapid attention. It enables you to automate repetitive tasks including routing requests, updating the status of tickets across the lifecycle. Ticket prioritization can be performed based on the grid constructed on the basis of certain attributes such as severity, status, type, company name, and more.

Create your own set of business rules

Create your own workflows by defining business rules to automate support ticket assignment. An advanced support ticketing system software allows you to filter and allocate the tickets to the right agents depending on the routing rules that your business has set up. You can create workflows based on different parameters such as location, language, or the subject line of their email, and resolve customer issues faster.

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Keep effort from being duplicated

Ticketing System will send notifications or screen-pop to the agents whenever there’s another agent is viewing or typing a response on the same ticket. The agent can then swiftly go on to other tickets without having to waste time doing the repetitive work.

Adhere to timelines and SLAs

Ticketing system by Topaz allows you to define service level agreements (SLAs) for the time which agents should respond and resolve tickets. Business can enable automatic reminders for agents or escalate issues to managers whenever the SLAs are not met.

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Benefits of Ticketing System

Ticketing system by topaz, zoho and freshdesk - benefits

All open issues in one place

No more sorting through spreadsheets and email inboxes to figure out what issues are outstanding and where they are in the resolution process

Ticketing system by topaz, zoho and freshdesk - benefits

Improve productivity

Ticket categorization & prioritization, routing, notifications & ticket status, helps agents to resolve the issue quickly and increase productivity

Ticketing system by topaz, zoho and freshdesk - benefits

Increase customer loyalty

With a well-organized and process-based customer support delivery and tracking, using an online ticketing system, you improve your customer delight which in turn improves Customer loyalty and business

Ticketing system by topaz, zoho and freshdesk - benefits

Omnichannel Communication

The ticketing system provides a centralized platform to handle all customer conversations. you can manage customer conversations over channels like email, phone, social media, and live chat, all in one location

Ticketing system by topaz, zoho and freshdesk - benefits

Measure and Track your Support

You can easily track your team’s performance using effective ticket management software. You can discover problems faster, recognize excellent or bad performance, monitor customer experience, and monitor service standards by using detailed reports.

Ticketing system by topaz, zoho and freshdesk - benefits

Extend your Helpdesk’s Capabilities

By integrating help desk ticketing system by Topaz to your existing CRMs, email marketing tools, CTI, and team collaboration software will help agents to access relevant customer data within the helpdesk

Features of Ticketing System

ticketing system topaz - features

Omnichannel Support

ticketing system topaz - features

Single View

ticketing system topaz - features

SLA Management

ticketing system topaz - features

Intelligent Routing

ticketing system topaz - features

Automated Ticket Allocation

CRM Integration

Reports & Dashboards

Quality Monitoring

Self Service

Ticketing system topaz. freshdesk - features

Unified Agent Desktop

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