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Topaz relieves you of burden of an IT department so that you can concentrate more on your main base of operations.

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Topaz’s Annual Maintenance Service is the simplest and most effective solution to keep your IT Infrastructure running hassle-free. Every company that takes advantage of cloud infrastructure to run their business, needs a proactive, reliable, and experienced AMC provider.

Our comprehensive annual maintenance contract proposal is created for your need to improve the lifespan of all your assets so that you can manage your business stress-free.  We offer 360° comprehensive and full coverage which includes Cloud, Servers, Networking, Back-up, Wi-Fi, Firewall, Security, Gateway, ERP, CCTV, Access control, cabling, & all ELV components and more. Having an IT annual maintenance contract improves productivity, reduces stress, and makes the whole process simpler so that you can focus on your core business with longevity and quality output from your devices.


We provide high-quality services by maintaining, updating, and giving technical direction through our strong technology affiliations and in-house competencies on various technology platforms, whether physical or virtual platforms, enterprise or cloud storage solutions.



With extensive expertise in Network, Security, Unified Communication, and SDN. Our engineers can give a consulting approach to upgrade your network architecture, allowing you to analyze the technology roadmap more effectively.


Ensure regular software maintenance support and give your internal IT staff an improved visibility into your IT systems. Find the best strategy to improve the experience of enterprise users by upgrading or downgrading the scope of software services.



Identification of any future problem thru analysis, assessment, and provision of best practices recommendations and solutions, followed by intervention strategies.

Topaz IT AMC Features

Topaz IT AMC 24/7

24*7 Monitoring

Our professional team monitors your IT network, to ensure lasting efficiency and quick solutions whenever required.

Topaz IT AMC

Pro-active Monitoring

We proactively apply patches, updates, and fixes in the background, so you don’t have to wait for actual issues arise.

Topaz IT AMC

Visibility and Ease of Use

We provide a personalized IT dashboard to overview your IT workspace. Here you can log ticket and monitor resolved and pending issues.

Topaz IT AMC

Dedicated Engineer Support

With Topaz IT AMC solutions, a dedicated Subject matter expert (SME) and engineer ensure that all your legal and regulatory requirements are met to avoid any future risk to your business.

Topaz IT AMC

Cybersecurity and IT Policies

We implement a system-side security strategy to protect your IT business network from security risks such as malware, spam, intrusion, etc.

Topaz IT AMC

Data Backup and Recovery

Our IT AMC solutions ensure year around backup and recovery services that are tailored to your business scale and data requirements.

Topaz IT AMC Benefits 

Topaz IT AMC benefits

Protect your data

Topaz IT AMC benefits

Minimizes IT issues

Topaz IT AMC benefits

Reduce IT costs

Topaz IT AMC benefits

IT security tightening


How easily do you get our IT AMC Services?

Topaz IT AMC Support

Topaz IT AMC - Managed IT AMC Service

Managed IT Service

Topaz IT AMC - Switching IT AMC provider

Switching IT AMC Service Provider!

Topaz IT AMC - IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Why Partner with Topaz as Your IT AMC Services Provider?

Topaz IT AMC

Innovation Driven Proactive Support

Availability round the clock


Get pro-active support and access from our certified experts round the clock

Topaz IT AMC

Remote Support

Faster problem resolution

Remote Support

We use advanced software tools and provide our customers with teh Unsurpassed level of IT remote access across UAE

Topaz IT AMC

On-Demand Onsite Support

Skilled SMEs at your step

On-Demand Onsite Support

We ensure that remote locations have on-demand access to skilled on-site engineers to address unforeseen downtime

Topaz IT AMC

Service Quality

100% customer satisfaction

Service Quality

We ensure that remote locations have on-demand access to skilled on-site engineers to address unforeseen downtime